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Mini Biochar Air Purifying Bag for Shoes

Mini Biochar Air Purifying Bag for Small Spaces

Biochar Air Purifying Bag for Large Spaces

Biochar Air Purifying Bag for Cushion

What is a REVOCA Bag?

Revoca Biochar Air Purifying Bag (Revoca Bag) is a simple, eco-friendly and convenient way to maintain fresh, impurities-free and odor-free environment. Packed with 100% natural and premium quality Revotropix Paulownia biochar, Revoca bag enables your family and pets to breathe safely. Revoca Bag is a safe, non-toxic, chemical-free and eco-friendly alternative to air fresheners that contain chemicals such as petroleum, fragrance and formaldehyde, which could be carcinogenic and hazardous to our health.

Revoca Bag is versatile and designed in various sizes to purify different space including shoes, sport gear, gym bag, refrigerators, kitchens, living rooms, closets, cars, bedrooms, offices.

How does REVOCA work?
Special Features of



Chemical-free & non-toxic

ZERO electricity consumption

Safe to pets

Recycles into the soil

Made from natural sustainable resource

Safe to use by children

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It’s All About the REVOCA Biochar.

The key and the only ingredient of Revoca Bag series is Revotropix
Paulownia biochar.