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We use the best natural sustainable resources

Revoca is made from 100% Paulownia wood, the world’s fastest growing tree as per Guinness World Records since 2011. Moreover, Paulownia species is able to regenerate from a cut stump and grow into another mature tree again in 4 to 6 years. The cycle can be repeated 4 to 6 times, which multiplies the effect of forest saving. Revotropix Paulownia biochar produces highest quality biochar among other types of charcoal.

More Pores, Fresher Air

Revoca biochar possesses more micropores than regular charcoal. More micropores are equivalent to greater moisture adsorption and air purifying power due to larger surface area.

Optimum temperature

We pyrolyze our biochar at the optimal high temperature where carbonization process allows the biochar creates millions of tiny porous holes which trap impurities in the air and eliminate odors. High pyrolysis temperature in shorter duration creates a better quality of biochar.


Should you wish to dispose RevoCa BioChar Bag, nature will gladly take it back. Simply spinkle the biochar into the soil where it helps soil to retain moisture and nutrients. This completes the life cycle as a product that comes from earth and ultimately give back to the earth.Give it a second life as soil conditioner and helps to store the carbon back to the Earth.

Reuse up to 3 months

Recycle into your garden