Biochar Air Purifying Bag For Large Spaces

The stand-up air purifying bag design is perfect for medium to large areas such as living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom,vpet areas, cars, trucks, SUVs, laundry rooms or offices.


This chemical-free and fragrance-free and non-toxic air purifier does not just cover up odors but absorbs them. Filled with specially treated Revotropix Paulownia biochar, Revoca Bag acts like a magnet to capture and absorb particles, smokes, and impurities from the air. It also works well for damp environment by absorbing excess moisture and regulate humidity. Sealed with beautifully stitched bag with wide sturdy base, you can place on any surfaces that you would love showing off. Revoca Bag is safe to use around pets and children without any harmful chemicals. Suitable to place next to computer or any electrical devices as the biochar surface with negatively charged ions will help to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation released by electrical devices, reducing the harmful effects to human being especially children.

Direction for Use

Simply place or hang the Revoca Bag in or near the affected area. Within a short time (usually less than 1 day) the affected area will be fresh, dry, and odor free.

Materials & Measurement

Material: Jeans

Bag Measurement: 8’’ x 3’’ x 6.5″



  • 1 bag per pack
  • Each bag contains approximately 200 grams of Revotropix Paulownia Biochar.