Mini Biochar Air Purifying Bag For Small Spaces

An excellent ordor eliminator and adsorber specially designed for refrigerators, freezers, coolers and small closets. The copper eyelet allows you to hang or place in any small space.


This all-natural air purifier effectively eliminates odors caused by spoiled produce, foods and leftovers with smelly odors. It also adsorbs excessive moisture and ethylene gas, a naturally occurring gas from vegetables and fruits that accelerates ripening process.

Keep a Revoca Bag in each produce drawer helps maintaining your fresh produce stay fresh for longer period of time!


Fridge Dehumidifier and Deodorizer

Removing bad smells caused by various types of food and regulating the humidity level in fridge. Absorbs ethylene gas so that your vegetables and fruits can keep fresh and crisp for longer duration.



Direction for Use

Simply place or hang the Revoca Bag in each produce drawer in refrigerator, freezer or cooler. Within a short time (usually less than 1 day) the affected area will be fresh, dry, and odor free.

Materials & Measurement

Material: Jeans

Bag Measurement: 5’’ x 5.25’’ x 1’’



  • 1 bag per pack
  • Each bag contains approximately 60 grams of Revotropix Paulownia Biochar.